Rally to Repeal the NY SAFE Act

ALBANY – May 21, A Historic Event

Amidst the rambling and thunder OUR 2AR Grassroots remain true to our march. Finally a real and valid ACTION call has been assembled for…..A REPEAL OF THE SAFE ACT. By May 21 We DEMAND A VOTE on Bill #5955-2013 – Repeal The NY SAFE Act. We Won’t Quit –  We will NOT Back Down – on May 21, march with us to Albany!

While the details about the March to Repeal the SAFE Act grassroots gathering in Albany on May 21 are carefully being finalized, It is important that we move forward with insuring all the grassroots troops begin planning their trip…. Begin rolling out the buses – begin finalizing your plans to be in Albany on May 21 for a historic outcry event that demands a VOTE to REPEAL The SAFE Act. (not just a rally – an ACTION Event).

Click here for the file with postcards (4 per page). Print them on any type of paper (doesn’t have to be cardstock) and get everyone you know to sign!

YES – Albany May 21 – WE MUST ALL BE THERE
YES – Sheriff Mack will Join us
YES – the activities begin at 10am and continue until our work is done
YES – May 21 is the final date – WE Demand a vote to REPEAL the Safe Act
YES – We WILL be visiting he legislature in session
YES – we will be lobbying lawmakers offices
YES – We will present more Demand Post Cards to demand a vote to REPEAL the Safe Act
YES – our outcry will be the LOUDEST VOICE in History
YES – there will many more details coming soon – stay tuned
YES – OUR sponsors and co-sponsors of OUR Repeal Bill will be there for us to congratulate
NO – there will NOT be elected politicians grand standing with empty speeches
NO – there will NOT be political party rhetoric

May 21 is not just a rally – it is a historic event. There is a plan – a full plan in full progress – details are many and take time to put together properly so stay tuned!  RSVP at the facebook event page and invite all of your freedom-loving friends!  https://www.facebook.com/events/331089843683906/


Rally to Repeal the NY SAFE Act — 11 Comments

  1. Sounds to me like its GO TIME! I’ll be there! This will be my Third.
    I found the following on a blog somewhere…

    “Patriotism is an affair of deeds, and patriotic words are good only in so far as they result in deeds. . . . Patriotism means service to the nation; and only those who render such service are fit to enjoy the privilege of citizenship.”

    - T.Roosevelt speech in Lincoln, Nebraska on 14 June 1917

  2. Do you actually believe that restricting leagally licensed citizens will reduce the ability of a criminal to obtain a firearm? If you believe that, you haven’t the brain power to lead this state.

  3. This Act is unconstitutional in its actions and was passed via illegal means backed by a fear campaign. Rising up against this act is the duty of every New Yorker.

    For my part, I printed out 200 post cards and will be in downtown Schenectady looking for New Yorkers to rise up and sign up for the coming fight on the 21st. I encourage all of you to do the same in your respective towns and cities. We need to make it very clear to those who voted in favor of it that if they don’t vote to repeal it, their political ambitions in this state are over! Semper Fi (III%)

  4. Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Ulster County is putting out feelers for a bus to the May 21st Albany Rally.
    It is on a Tuesday and is fairly short notice, but if we are to be the minutemen or minutewomen we need to be then this is a good test run.
    The cost would be $20.00 per seat. If we can get forty people it is a definite go. A few less and it is a probable go. If people are willing to pay $25.00 then we could go with 30 people.
    Anybody interested can post it on Ulster County Friends Of The Constitution facebook page or email to UCFOTC@yahoo.com,

  5. Leaving east of Potsdam via Plattsburgh to I87, have room for one, maybe two to ride and help with gas 518-483-9555

  6. Where actually will the rally take place on May 21 in Albany? What street address? Are buses available from anywhere in Fulton County? thanks, jd

    • Hi John, the rally will be in East Capitol Park which is on the east side of the Capitol building. You probably type in corner of State Street and Eagle Street in your gps. If you go to google maps, if you type in East Capitol Park, Albany, NY it will pop right up. I don’t know of any buses from Fulton county, but you can contact Denver at 607-279-3987 to find out for sure. Thanks!

  7. “Every time our country stands in the path of danger, an instinct seems to summon her finest first. Those who truly understand her. When freedom shivers in the cold shadow of true peril, it is always the Patriots who first hear the call. When loss of liberty is looming , as it is now , the siren sounds first in the hearts of freedoms vanguard. ”
    Charlton Heston 2000 I’ll be there :)

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