Lawsuit Status from Tresmond Law: April 29, 2013

We were finally able to speak to Attorney James Tresmond regarding today’s court proceedings . Jim has advised us that the all is well with the case he has filed on behalf of the people of NY in the supreme court. “We moved it up to Friday instead of Monday, that’s all,” he said. The Court has re-scheduled today’s pre-trial conference to this Friday, May 3rd.

Mr. Tresmond has assured us that all is in order with the lawsuit and “rescheduling is common procedure often done in court and by the judge.” The state still has not answered the judge’s question, in writing, to “explain to the court how the safe act is a constitutional law.”

We at NY2A want all of you good people out there to know this:

A reliable source has expressed to one of our admins that “people from the state of New York and the attorney general’s office been observing these forums, online posts and comments.” These are people inside the case working for the state of New York, who are fighting for the SAFE ACT to remain law in the state of New York and want to see Tresmond Law fail, in court, at his attempts to defeat this unconstitutional law!

To make matters worse, these people posting, especially from one particular forum which will not be named at this time, are their own worst enemy.  They are giving the attorney general various ideas that they had not even thought of, and they will not use this information in OUR favor!

Keep your guard up!  Do not fall prey to anyone posting to in anger, threats or violence online.  Remember, some of these people could be plants from the other side, purposely trying to egg us on and make us look bad.  The attorney general and others involved are watching and pre-judging our online behavior. The 2nd Amendment supporters we’ve seen, who have rallied across the state in support of our rights, have demonstrated that we are a group of responsible, safe and law-abiding citizens.  Let’s be sure that our online behavior reflects that as well.  An armed society is a polite society!


Lawsuit Status from Tresmond Law: April 29, 2013 — 9 Comments

  1. God bless all the brave people standing up for their rights. We need all the courageous to join us now. Time is getting short.

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  3. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that NY state would not know how to properly defend their laws and would gain anything from a bunch a guys posting on the internet. It’s absurd to even make this claim and think NY doesn’t know every trick in the book to protect the laws they have been successful at defending for years.

    Is the Tresmond law firm angry at those that have been critical of there “strategies” or are they lining up a scape goat to blame if they can not prove their case?

  4. Keep up the fight – MILLIONS of honest, decent people are being hurt by this unconstitutional law.

    The few idiots we have out there should not reflect on those that want to obey the law, but strongly object to laws that make criminals out of previously law-abiding citizens….

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  6. It isn’t often that an individual is able to criminalize a large portion of the citizens of a principality with a single law. Kudos to the governor for his far-sighted move which should ensure his leaving politics in the near future. I also recommend that all voters learn which of their representatives and senators voted for the Safe Act and take appropriate action in the next state election. I, for one will not vote for my current state senator or assemblyman, whether Republican or not. A caution: if the opponent is a liberal Democrat I will NOT vote for that person either. While I will not vote for a Republican or Conservative who backed this law, I will not put my head in the lion’s mouth by voting for an even more liberal Democrat.

  7. Stay alert and becareful not to enflame matters. Get out and vote and enlighten those that do not know the facts.

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