Are you opposed to the NY SAFE Act?

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Are you opposed to the NY SAFE Act? — 5 Comments

  1. the ny safe act is null and void according to the ny state constitution,as well as the 2nd amendment which is the supreme law of the land,in other words,not only is the ny safe act illegal,it means we as \American citizens have a duty to disobey this and any other unconstitutional law.

  2. i can’t wait 18months i need this gone now so i can bye the gun i’ve bean saveing up for for the passed three years to bye

  3. It is truly unfortunate that our elected politicians felt the need to pass more laws, especially in light of the secretive way it was done. This new SAFE act merely amounts to nothing more than “feel-good” legislation that will only affect the law-abiding.
    These politicians seem to forget one critical factor: criminals do not obey the law. That is why they are, in fact, criminals.
    Any person, be it a politician or otherwise, who genuinely believes that a criminal with an illegal gun is only going to keep seven rounds in the magazine is sadly mistaken at best, and a complete idiot at worst.
    Unfortunately, it’s probably going to take another tragic event for these politicians to realize the error of their ways and that laws don’t work.
    Maybe, just maybe, we as a society should concentrate on keeping the felons off the street, and do away with our “revolving door” system of justice. Any takers?

  4. The motive stated for the origination of this legislation is clearly inconsistent with the goal of this legislation. This matter has been handled secretively and apparently with the assumption that the American public is stupid or so apathetic as to allow it to go unchallenged. The Constitution reminds us that the public has hired its legislators and will fire them if need be for not acting in their collective best interest.

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