Are You Opposed to the NY SAFE Act?

Join us in the fight!  We are gearing up to defeat the legislators who voted for this unconstitutional, irresponsible law.  Our coalition of grassroots groups and supporters across the state will not rest until the NY SAFE Act is repealed or overturned in court.  
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Are You Opposed to the NY SAFE Act? — 68 Comments

  1. This is one of the STUPIDEST laws ever! Quomo himself has admitted that the “Bad Guys” will still be able to get the high capacity magazines as well as all the rest of the things he is “Banning”. So how is that going to make us any safer. We are allowed to have single shot BB guns while the murders have full automatic 50 cals!! Obviously an exageration, but you get the idea!

    • Well I, for one, am more than happy waiting the 45 minutes for police to show up (only 15 minutes after the second telephone call, after waiting 30 minutes with no response). This superb response is because I live a six-minutes walk from the police station. What do you need with a 30 round mag (when hunting regs already limit rounds in mag)? But coumo must have known that, right, being so concerned about complying with “Shall Not Be Infringed.” (PMS – pardon my sarcasm)

  2. I am opposed to the NY Safe Act. I am especially opposed: to a seven round magazine limit, to a limit of seven rounds in larger capacity magazines, to a ban on so-called assault rifles, and to any form of registration of firearms.

    The second amendment in not about hunter’s right, collector’s rights, or target shooter’s rights although we are all in this together. It is about liberty and freedom!

  3. This is not about gun control…it is about control, period. The State of New York ranks 50th in personal freedoms. This is not the state I remember when I was a child. It is tyrannical, and must be taken back. The firing of Andrew Cuomo is a good start. Call your local Assemblyman and remind him/her that the Assembly has the power to remove this idiot from office. He cares nothing about upstate, only about precious New York City. If he loves New York City so much, then he should resign and run for mayor!

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  5. The criminals will get the guns they desire.This law will keep ordinary law a bidding people from being able to protect them.selves from the criminal element.we all know by Tue time the police arrive to a crime inprogress or one that has been commited the law a bidding citizen is already hurt or injured by the criminal element.becuase they were not able to protect them self.

  6. WELL Mr. Steck REST assured you have received the ONE and ONLY vote from me for the Office you Now Hold!

    Dear Mr. Cook:

    While I commend you and the other gun rights activists for their
    passion on the issue, the fact that a few thousand activists are
    sufficiently committed to come to Albany to protest against the SAFE Act
    does not make them the majority. The polling in my District shows that
    nearly 70% of my constituents support gun control. The Brady Center is not
    a minority opinion as you contend. Therefore, I will not be signing on to
    any legislation repealing the SAFE Act.

    Further, we do not agree that the SAFE Act violates your
    constitutional rights. The Second Amendment defines gun rights in terms of
    the historical need for State militias to protect against the power of a
    Federal standing army. The Second Amendment further provides that, while
    endorsing the existence of a State militia as counterbalance to federal
    power, such militia shall be well regulated. The Second Amendment thus
    specifically allows regulation of the purchase, sale, and possession of

    Thank you for writing to my office.


    • Wow. Steck really believes that? I don’t even know where to start. Maybe referring him to the Heller and McDonald decisions with a little Miller thrown in. He seems to suggest the Second Amendment is some sort of collective right. Then why is it in the Bill of Rights? All the writings of the founders support the view of the Second Amendment as an individual right. Also, he states that a majority of people in his district supports gun control. Well, our constitutional republic was established to protect citizens against tyranny in government and tyranny from the majority. Applying his logic, slavery could become legal again if 51 percent of the people were in favor of it.

    • Hi Russell,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to Assemblyman Steck – his response is priceless and will surely be useful to his challenger in 2014! A bunch of patriots from NY2A Grassroots Coalition greeted Mr. Steck at the grand opening of his new district office in Schenectady on Friday, 4/12. The expression on his face when he saw us outside his window was worth it alone, but we also got some coverage in the Daily Gazette which was even better. Here it is:
      If you are on Facebook, please consider joining us at If you are not, we will contact you if you’d like the next time we face off with the Assemblyman!

    • I would advise “Steck” to read Federalist paper #29 authored by Thomas Jefferson. This paper clearly states the second amendment is to keep gov’t from getting too big for their britches – so to speak. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s in there!

    • It’s not just about the Militia, and he knows it. “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” Thomas Jefferson
      Even if it were, how are you supposed to counterbalance an over powering “Federal standing army” with 7 rounds?? Don’t lose hope NY, the country stands with you now as it did after 9/11. Mike – IN

    • Dear Phil although you sound well educated your interpretations of the individuals right to keep and bear arms is flawed by the assumption that only the local militias’s and state governments have these inalienable rights that they bestow upon the individual. I quote the first sentence read from the second amendment, “the United States Constitution protects the right of INDIVIDUALS to keep and bear arms”. Natural law as well as common law state that we have the right to self defense,this was a well understood and was and is a basic principal and right our founding fathers understood, you apparently do not. I guess people like you need to become a victim of a violent home invasion to understand this right.

    • I just saw this response from this individual named Phil and I don’t even live in the state of NY. How embarrassing to see such error in a statement made in reference to an amendment within the foundational framework of our country by a “governing official”. The comment “..historical need for State militias..”…..seriously? I highly suggest memorizing our nation’s 2nd Amendment and studying the context behind that amendment along with researching quotes made by George Mason(Ummm, the co-author of the 2nd Amendment), Samuel Adams for starters. It’s really not difficult to grasp…..for it clearly states “..the right of the people…”. And what does the Preamble even start with ..We the People…the “people” are the actual people. It’s pretty clear and simple.

  7. I have cerebral palsy (doesn’t legally affect my abilities to carry in an ideal situation, which it is). The problem is that I can’t make the investment w/o a guarantee of an unrestricted CCW & Don’t have the money to hire Jim Tresmond for an appeal ( I haven’t applied yet). Jay Whipple. I’d love to network, meet people and discuss among other things this draconian, pointless and illegal (on many fronts) law.

    • The NRA guys that gave the class I took said not to bother trying to get an unrestricted permit. I’m not even sure if I will get my restricted permit due to a DWI I got when I was young and stupid. I guess I don’t have any advice for you. Good luck.

  8. I am the keeper of the list for all of NCF2A’s members. If anything happens to our groups on Facebook, we will be able to compile a massive list of names with email addresses, 911 addresses and phone numbers.

  9. I have the misfortune of living in the 110th Assembly district, Phil Steck’s area. For those who do not know him, Steck is an extreme left elitist that does not care about our constitution. Having gone to that cesspool of leftist extremism on the Charles River in Boston, he has little clue about how to relate to folks like us who really believe in the Bill of Rights and the contract it forms between the governing and the governed. I have argued w/ him on numerous occasions, starting when he was in the Albany County legislature. During that body’s attempt to pass the ammo registration law, he either lied or was grossly misinformed about that bill’s scope – and he was one of three cosponsors. Take my word for it. If Steck can totally disarm you, he will. He is a real danger to our 2A rights.

  10. If you don’t beleive that the safeact is about confiscation, think again!!!!!

    Under this new law, any weapon that is registered under the newly classified assault weapons category must be turned in and destroyed after the death of the owner. Yes, that means confiscated or go to jail for future heirs of gun owners. NYS and Governor Cuomo have seen fit to mandate the confiscation of thousands of dollars worth of assets from the estates of our loved ones. Keep in mind that the value of these weapons has tripled in light of recent legislation.

    Legislators create criminals, not safety…..

  11. Regarding the dismal amount of money donated to Steve McLaughlin: Those gun owners who did not donate should be ASHAMED of themselves. With millions of us in NYS to end up with <30K is despicable. I guess a lot of you decided not to put your money where your mouth is. How many of you that attended the rallies in various cities failed to donate? Running your mouth and waving signs isn't going to win this thing, PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!!!

    • I think you should reconsider that. I know many gun owners and patriots that are stretched to the limits just to feed their families. Would you like them to sell their guns to contribute? I donated to his fund despite being on a very limited income, but not everyone can do that.

  12. Keep up the fight, we cannot run from this. If we fail, the whole country will fail. This stuff spreads like a cancer, most of these problems start with the west and east coast and meet in the middle or just spreads across the country from one coast to another.
    I live in an area in NY where my Senator and Assemblyman are pro 2A, just lucky for now, this area is being flooded with leftwing nut jobs from the metro areas of NY. Its becoming harder to vote these people out in our local government. They’re coming here with all their bullshit from the cities to push on us. They have no clue of our way life up here, we hunt, fish, trap, shoot and most are all against it. They buy up overly priced land because its cheap for them, compared to what they are paying in the city areas for the same thing and then they push thier agenda on us when they get here. Happens all over I know. But its a vicious fact. Vote these people out of all levels of government.

  13. Change in our form of govenment requirs that the majority vote for that change. As I see it there is not that majority in the state of New York. I wish that that were not the case, but it is not. We can beat our breast and say that we will not bow to the state. Raw numbers say otherwise. If every gun owner and their supporters would vote to save our second ammendment rights there would not be the numbers to support their position. The politicians of this state know this only too well. They are only concerned about their staying in office. Sad, but true. I will close this by saying that the solution is not in the ballot box—-I will let you complete the sentence. The best of luck to all!

    • I agree that there aren’t enough in support of the second amendment here in NY. However, I think the goal should be to get more people on board. Explain to your friends and neighbors what it means to be American and how guns fit in. I have personally converted a few and if every one of us does our part things may change. Never give up hope my friend.

  14. If you believe that the ballot box willl solve the the inequities in the state of New York, you live in a sheltered world. There are not enough votes to support that position.

  15. Does anyone in New York State realize that the NY Safe Law is in violation of Federal Law.


    Also, there where no provisions in the law to exempt RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS TO INCLUDE LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL.



  16. Hey Mr. Cuomo , did you see what happened in Colorado. Be advised , you WILL be next. Along with Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. You must listen to the voters who elected you. Liberty will prevail.

  17. Read some posts that suggest that non republicans switch their party affiliation. Well, if you’re a registered Conservative you don’t need to do that, chances are good that the state Conservative Party will endorse the more conservative candidate anyway. His / her chances for election increase due to Conservative party endorsement. Where the problem lies is NYC. Bloombergian republicans may side with the liberal candidate republican or Demooncrat.

    • Michael,

      The post you are referring to is While it is true that the best pro-Constitution candidate will likely be on the Conservative line, if that person is not ALSO on the Republican line, he/she will probably not win. That would indicate a 3-way race at least. What we are encouraging people to do is switch to Republican so that you can ensure that the best candidate shows up on the Republican line, instead of a moderate who will not stand up for our rights (and won’t win, either). You can find out more at Thanks!

        • my state senator helped vote the unSAFE act out of limbo (codes) so he could vote against it, knowing he could play both sides against the Constitutionalists. My state rep. -dem.- voted against it for the “message of necessity” part. I’d like to say you WERE right, but no longer. Knowing nothing of a candidate, that might be a reasonable assumption, but remember Libertarian “raise taxes” Sarvis in VA?

          • Although I don’t think Republicans or Democrats can ever be trusted, I registered as a Republican for the simple task of voting in the primaries. I think we have a better chance of getting a decent republican candidate. That won’t stop me from voting 3rd party in the general election.

  18. Just curious about any action that was to take place 13 Sep, haven’t seen any info. Also, NYSRPA is being gandy danced in their suit, postponed (AGAIN) with no new date set

  19. I was told there were 2 delays, one by us for time to review a 2,500 page governor’s submission, and the second by the paid-governor. In NY, justice ain’t cheap! Thank goodness the other side doesn’t have to pay for their legal fees to justify unconstitutional statutes, we taxpayers do!

  20. Having just passed a dismal election day, I wonder if I should move out to a more freedom-loving state, like California or Massachusetts. I have a friend in rural Calif. who’s laughing at NY now, because I used to laugh at Calif. pre-coumo.

    • We have to save this state. It’s our home and we shouldn’t run away. I propose annexing NYC. I’m sorry to any good people down there but I think our state would be better off without that city.

  21. I have passed this on to my friends and the CCDL and sent out invites. We all need to band together to stop our Legislators blatant abuse of power. I was born and raised in New York and to see the condition of the Political Climate is disturbing to me. I now live in CT and it is just as bad but still have plenty of fight in me to fight these 2 battles! Carry ON! ( on behalf of my CCDL friends) Thank you for all your efforts.

  22. When I signed up for the NYPD I took an oath. No matter my the color of my skin or religion and political view. I am supposed to uphold the amendments of this country. Governor Coumo took the same oath and threw it out the Window. He illegally past this law. He should be arrested for it but because of political corruption the District Attorney will not do it. I hope we can appeal this illegal law.

  23. Benjamin Wassell was the first person in New York to be charged under the SAFE Act. He is a father of two and Iraq war veteran. He is 90 percent disabled from his service. He needs help paying for the legal costs to keep him home with his family where he belongs. He is currently facing up to 35 years in prison. His fund is at:
    Dave in NY

  24. Don’t lose heart brothers. We can turn this around. Some say we don’t have the votes, maybe not yet, but the number of republicans and conservatives is growing, and the percent of eligible votes is much higher than actual voters so lets get the voters out and push our ‘right’ agenda.

    Ecclesiates 10:2 (NIV) The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

  25. I am 100% opposed to the Safe Act! The safe act does nothing to make people safer it only infringes upon our rights as Americans. The safe act turns law abiding gun carrying citizens into criminals unless we agree to their bullshit restrictions (such as round limitations). Criminals will never follow these laws. I have the legal right to carry conceal and i will do what is necessary to protect my family. Cuomo and his anti gun cronies need to be voted out office asap! This once proud state has become a complete joke to live in if you consider yourself a Conservative.

  26. Impeach Nazi Tyrant Cuomo Now!
    Nazi Cuomo’s gun control law, the S.A.F.E. Act, is unconstitutional, illegal, and violates the rights of all New Yorkers. It was written by the biggest collection of brain dead idiots ever assembled in Albany. It was written by fools, totally devoid of any intelligence or knowledge of firearms with the sole purpose – to make criminals of all firearm owners. It sole purpose is to deny our Second Amendment right to protect and defend our homes, property, and families from Cuomo’s Nazi politicians, criminals, rapists, murderers, and thieves. Cuomo’s gestapo will confiscate all legally owned firearms through registration. Registration brings confiscation, as we have seen in New York City, New Orleans, Canada, etc. This midnight, illegal, use of “message of necessity” for a bill that violates our rights must be repealed immediately and completely.

    52 Counties are NOT Wrong!

    Nazi Cuomo and his Nazi politician followers have no place in New York State. There is no place for his Nazi agenda, hatred of family values, hatred of our Christianity, murder of babies, and hatred of our Bill of Rights. Purge New York of Nazi Cuomo and all his brown shirt bootlickers. Purge this Nazi scum from New York and America.

    Impeach Nazi Cuomo Now!
    52 Counties are NOT Wrong!

    Reject Cuomo’s budget until all funding of all aspects of his Nazi S.A.F.E. Act are removed. Reject Cuomo’s budget and all other legislation until the Nazi S.A.F.E. Act is repealed in its entirety! Let no legislation be enacted until after the Repeal of Cuomo’s Nazi S.A.F.E. Act!

    52 Counties are NOT Wrong!

    Abolish the current New York State Senate! Replace it with “Each County shall have one Senator; period; No more, No less!
    Expel the Counties of Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York, Bronx, Rockland, and Westchester from New York State! These sewer scum Nazi lovers have no place in freedom loving, democracy loving, family loving, children loving, Christian New York!

    52 Counties are NOT Wrong!

    Impeach Nazi Cuomo! Strip him of all pensions, benefits, perks, etc. and deport him from New York State and America!

    Don Sage
    Nam Vet

  27. Cuomo was elected with 5.4 million votes. There are 8 million gun owners in NYS. If the gun owners unite to vote out the politicians who voted for the SAFE Act or refuse to repeal it, Nov 4th can bring a new era to New York State.

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